Why is Bespoke Audio important for your Phone System?

So you want to know why bespoke audio is important for your phone system? Your phone system is the first impression many customers receive of your company and therefore it needs a professional image. It's also one of the easiest ways to improve customer experience. In addition to improving your image, professional recordings create a feeling of security and capability from callers as they recognise businesses who prioritise the level of communication during calls. We a look at three good reasons why meeting your customer's expectations with bespoke audio speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication to service.

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1. Music On Hold:
When customers are placed on hold or in queue, you want to avoid dead air and extended wait times.  Playing music is an improvement over silence, but data shows that callers are more engaged when there is valuable content on-hold. Scripts, written by you or the company you hire for these solutions, will provide information about your products to your customer. In turn your call abandonment rate will be reduced dramatically. Poor customer service is a major turn off to customers; bespoke audio tells the customer that you care about their needs.

2.Voicemail Greetings
Outdated or poorly recorded "personal" voicemail greetings that are recorded on a mobile phone will reduce your credibility with the caller. A professionally recorded and consistent voicemail greeting will make them feel that they have reached a quality representative, and have confidence that you can help them resolve their query.

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3.Voice Prompts
Your customers will react positively to a series of well thought out voice prompts, reducing their frustration. Especially if their needs are taken care of logically, and the prompts are comprehensive without being tedious. A friendly voice that helps guide them is all it takes for most callers to get the information they need or to resolve their issue.

As you can see, bespoke audio plays an integral role in developing a rapport with your customer and meeting their needs. Professional audio provides both a positive experience for your customer and an efficient way of routing calls to the correct member of staff. This level of automation saves time and money over a traditional receptionist and poorly designed call routing. Great bespoke audio which is well executed will provide a consistent user experience every time.

We can offer bespoke audio to fulfill your companies requirements. Further information is available here

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