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We don't believe that one product fits all, which is why we work with clients to find them the perfect solution for their business. Below are the solutions that we have found to be both reliable, feature rich and value for money.

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What is a Hosted Telephone System?

A Hosted phone system is a virtual PBX which gives the features and functionality of an on site phone system without the initial capital costs

Features of a hosted PBX service include voicemail, call forwarding and free site to site calls. This service is ideal for individuals, small and medium size businesses as well as multiple site locations. The advantage is that there is no hardware, maintenance or expansion costs. We would advise this kind of system if you have multiple sites or if you plan on movng premises in the next few years.



Of course Hosted solutions are not suitable for every one and there are many factors to take into consideration. A major factor is the speed of broadband available in your area, as the service relies on your broadband.

Another factor to consider is that this solution can be more expensive over the long term compared to a traditional on premise telephone system, especially if you use a site based system with SIP lines which reduce your call costs dramatically compared to traditional BT lines such as analogue or ISDN.