As an independent communications company, Tiny are in a position to offer Low Cost Calls & Lines for our clients to help them reduce their monthly call spend. We can transfer your lines from an existing provider or arrange for installation of new lines using BT Openreach engineers. As well as physical lines, we can also provide you with non-geographical numbers.

  • Flexibility – We tailor a solution to suit your businesses requirements
  • Choice – We have a range of line solutions for any size business
  • Simplicity – Hassle free transfers keeping your current numbers and services
  • Support – Your assigned engineer will handle all aspects of your telecoms

Will I Save Money With Tiny?
Yes, absolutely. When you sign up with Tiny we guarantee to save you at least 10% compared with your current bill.

Can I Keep My Current Business Phones?
Yes indeed! Once the changeover has occurred you can continue to use your current business handsets, just as before.

How Do I Go About Leaving My Current Service Provider?
We’ll help you through the process by offering advice on how to cancel your current agreement, and providing information on how to make the changeover as easy as possible for you.

How Long Will It Take For My New Services To Become Active?
It usually takes between 7 – 14 working days for new analogue lines to become active, and between 10 – 25 working days for new digital lines to become active.

Who will resolve any future line faults?
Once you have called us we register the fault with BT Openreach who then investigate. Should the fault require an engineer's visit, a BT Openreach engineer will visit your site. Please note that if the fault is not with the BT service any site visit is chargeable.

This is just a brief overview of our calls and lines services, you can read the full list in our call and lines brochure. Download it here

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