We have years of experience of installing bespoke audio solutions, from single zone retail shops  and restaurants up to multi zoned supermarkets and warehouses. We don't offer off the shelf solutions like many of our competitors because we believe each site is unique. For instance a designer clothes store will more likely to be playing music with a strong beat therefore needing sub woofers, where a doctors surgery is more likely to be playing something more calm and relaxing and so will probably just require standard wall or ceiling speakers.

Once we have designed the perfect audio system, we can provide you with a bespoke license free music solution, which can not only save you thousands in PPL and PRS fees, but also help you increase sales by promoting your latest offers.  The recording studio can update these via a broadband link and once you have decided on a new message, the fast turn around of the studio means that your promotions will always be up to date. We can also create timed announcements which can be used to inform customers that your store will soon be closing.

Common Questions:

  • What type of license free music can you provide?
    The studios have a huge range of music covering every genre and the music gurus will hand pick music that fits your business and brand image perfectly. They will then send you a sample from this music for you to approve.
  • Can you provide microphones for employees to make announcements?
    Yes, we can provide microphones or if you have a telephone system, this can often be integrated with your audio system so that you can make annoucement via the telephone handset.
  • Can you adapt or upgrade existing installations?
    Yes, we will visit site and survey the existing equipment and adapt or upgrade to your requirments