SIP Trunks Explained

Most UK business systems connect via ISDN lines. SIP Trunks are the new alternative. Standing for Session Initiation Protocol, SIP directs calls over your internet connection, reducing or removing the need for ISDN circuits. This means a number of benefits:

  • Cheaper connectivity. Internet connectivity prices have come right down recently, whilst ISDN prices have stayed broadly unchanged. So if you rent ISDN lines, you’re probably paying more than you need to.
  • Cheaper call rates. ISDN calls are very often more expensive than SIP calls, which place lower demands on the call carrier.
  • Only pay for what you need. With ISDN2 you buy two channels at a time. With ISDN30 you buy a minimum of eight channels. SIP can provide any number of channels, in increments of one, only limited by your bandwidth.
  • No additional hardware costs. With ISDN, if you need to add a circuit, you may need an extra ISDN line card for your phone system. The cost (if your system can accommodate it) can set you back a substantial amount. Not so with SIP.
  • Disaster Recovery ready. SIP Trunking can increase your phone system’s resilience, by eliminating its dependency on individual circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it Cost?Savings are in call costs where charges can be as low as a tenth of many landline operators. You have to factor in the cost of Internet bandwidth, but your business will have this cost anyway. Depending which options you choose line rental can also be considerably less than standard analogue or ISDN BT lines, starting from as little as £3.99 per channel. So you could be looking at a saving of between 50 and 75% on your phone bills, depending on your current calling patterns.

Can I have SIP Trunking in my business?Any business with a modern telephone system (PBX) can switch to our SIP trunking service and immediately benefit from a more flexible, less expensive and more resilient phone service. If your PBX isnt SIP compatable, you may need to purchase an adaptor, which converts the SIP trunks to a format compatable for your PBX.

How resilient is SIP?SIP Trunking is now a mature service enjoyed by thousands of UK organisations and this alone is testimony to the reliability of SIP. Our service will cope with any situation and give you 99.9% up time on your telephony. We'll keep your business running without expensive call forwarding costs during uneasy circumstances.

Is the service Outbound / Inbound only or both ways?You can configure the service for either Outbound only or both ways. If you require it to be both ways you will need to order at least one Inbound Number.

What's the quality like?From the moment we connect your SIP trunking service, you will enjoy all the reliability, resilience and quality. We proactively monitor and manage quality of service across our entire network - it’s the underlying network quality that makes a real difference to SIP Trunking.

What are the options for Contract Term?Contract terms vary between 30 days and 36 months, depending on the call options we provide.

Can I keep my existing PBX Hardware?Yes. Tiny SIP Trunking allows you to reduce your line costs and per minute charges by integrating with your existing equipment over your broadband internet connection.

Do you offer bundled minutes?We have a range of options available. We can provide cheap SIP trunks with no free minutes or more expensive trunks with up to 4000 free minutes per channel per month