Three signs that your business might need an on-site telephone system

Looking to improve the communications at your business? If you’re thinking of a site-based telephone system but still aren’t quite sure, look at the three signs that this type of solution could be perfect for you.

You have an old telephone system that’s no longer maintained

If you’ve got an older or obsolete system, the likelihood is that it isn’t maintained. Therefore, if something happens to the system or it breaks down, you are left without you main communications tool.

You want to take ownership of your equipment

With a site-based solution, you will own all the hardware and the total cost of ownership will be reduced. This gives you a sustainable product with an extensive shelf life.
As well as being owned by your business, your telephone system can be designed for your specific needs, and can be adapted to your changing requirements. Managed in-house, you have complete control of your system and are able to make moves and changes without the expense of calling in a third-party engineer.

You are in an area with poor connectivity

If your company is located in a remote area with poor Internet connectivity, cloud-hosted telephone systems may not be right for you. Instead of relying on what might be a poor connection affecting the way you work, a site-based system will be a robust and feature-rich alternative.
Site-based telephone systems by Tiny Telecom provide uncompromised functionality which improve efficiency and productivity.

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